The Film

We want to make a documentary film that will have as main characters a group of autistic children and their families, all pledged in an adventurous cruise across the Mediterranean.

Through the telling of this story, the film will show the mishaps and the adversity that autistic people face every day, the unreserved love of the families for their children, the big challenge of these special people in search of a “normal” life.

The Crew

Diversamente Onlus

An organization constituted by parents, family members, instructors, operators – and people who have an interest in autism in general – that works all over Sardinia since 2007.


A non-profitmaking social advancement organization instituted in Cagliari in 2011 with the goal of creating audiovisual training programmes focused on subjects strongly rooted in the social.


The Marrai a Fura group is based in Cagliari where it has been working for more than 5 years in subjects involved in the communication for social, active participation and sustainability.

The Trip

To shoot our film between the 15th and the 22nd of April 2015 we traveled on a ship across the Mediterranean seas, between Italy and France, Spain and Malta.     map

The Crowdfunding

Everybody likes being understood and accepted: for an autistic person and their families this is objectively difficult. To live in a welcoming world without being discriminated is everybody’s right: and theirs too.

We would like a world capable of seeing in difference an opportunity of growth for all: and you? If it is important for you too, get passionate about it and support “In Alto Mare”! (In High Seas)